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4 Steps for Getting Started with Pay-Per-Call

Pay-per-call is an ideal marketing tactic for businesses that want qualified calls from prospective customers. But if you’re unfamiliar with the pay-per-call space, creating your first campaign can be intimidating. We are here to help make it easier for you. Here are four general steps you’ll need to complete to set up a successful pay-per-call program.

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The Complete Guide to Pay-Per-Call


Marketers have always been challenged to find the best way to spend their advertising dollars. In 2021, after a global pandemic and staggering budget cuts, marketers are under more pressure than ever to find the channels that drive the highest and most consistent return on investment (ROI) for their advertising budget.


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Pay-per-call Explained: How it Works

Lead generation is one of the toughest challenges for marketers today. Finding quality leads that convert? Even more challenging. For advertisers that provide services such as appliance repair or pest control, reaching the right audience at the right time can be quite difficult. Not to mention that, even if your campaign generates an abundance of leads, there’s no guarantee that those leads will be qualified. The process of filtering out unwanted leads can be painstakingly tedious (no marketer wants to do that) and require a lot of manpower.

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29 Statistics that Prove the Effectiveness of Pay-Per-Call

For marketers that actively advertise via pay-per-call, the benefits are clear: low costs, high returns, and high-intent inbound leads delivered right to their call agents. But, for advertisers who are new to the pay-per-call space, those benefits are just words until there are facts and figures to back them up. For that reason, we’ve pulled 29 statistics from credible sources that prove the effectiveness of pay-per-call.

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10 Key Pay-Per-Call Terms Explained

1.      Pay-Per-Call

Pay-per-call is a type of performance marketing in which businesses buy inbound phone-based leads from publishers and affiliates. The advertisers only pay for calls that meet their specific geographic and duration requirements as well as any other previously specified conditions such as call category. For each qualified call an advertiser receives, they will pay a predetermined, fixed amount to the pay-per-call network or publisher that generated the call.

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Understanding Different Types of Calls

Whether you’re new to pay-per-call or have been running campaigns for years, it’s important that you know how your call-based leads are ­­generated to ensure you receive the kinds of leads you want, and your campaigns are compliant with common laws and regulations. In the pay-per-call space, there are typically four types of calls that advertisers can opt to receive: inbound and outbound, warm and cold transfers, carrier or intercept, and directory assistance. If you’re unsure of which types of calls will work best for you, we’ve outlined each below.


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